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Keep living the life you love with SeniorCare (Cost)

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Our Medicare cost plans

Frequent doctor visits really add up, especially those pesky out-of-pocket expenses. So enhance your Original Medicare benefits with SeniorCare (Cost), the only Cost plan in Texas. SeniorCare (Cost) will cover all your Medicare deductibles — and ensure minimal copays for doctor visits — when you use network providers.

You'll also get extra benefits not provided by Original Medicare or typical Medicare advantage plans, such as routine hearing exams and free gym memberships. And when you're outside the service area, care provided by non-plan providers will be covered under Original Medicare. There are four plans to choose from; select the one that's right for you.

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Get more out of life with additional benefits*

Free Gym Memberships

Prescription Drug Plan

Vision & Hearing Care

Plus more benefits and services to enhance your Medicare (additional cost may apply*). 


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Understanding Medicare

Think Medicare is confusing? You're not alone, so we put together some resources to help you gain a better understanding of Medicare.