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2017 Low-Income Subsidies


You may be able to have Medicare help pay your Medicare prescription drug plan costs. If you're eligible for the low-income subsidy (also called Extra Help), your monthly premium will be lower. How much lower depends on what percentage of the costs Medicare covers. 

Learn more about getting Extra Help.

Read about the Best Available Evidence for Low Income Subsidy (LIS) Beneficiaries.

Plan Type Monthly Premium
Percentage 100% 75% 50% 25%
Premium with Basic Rx $232.10 $238.90 $245.70 $252.60
Preferred with Basic Rx $139.10 $145.90 $152.70 $159.60
VIP with Basic Rx $179.10 $185.90 $192.70 $199.60
Premium with Enhanced Rx $281.30 $288.10 $294.90 $301.80
Preferred with Enhanced Rx $188.30 $195.10 $201.90 $208.80
VIP with Enhanced Rx $228.30 $235.10 $241.90 $248.80
Select with Value Rx $43.90 $50.70 $57.50 $64.40

This premium chart includes coverage for both medical services and prescription drug coverage.

The benefit information provided is not comprehensive. Additional information should be requested before making a decision about your coverage.

You must receive all routine care from plan providers.